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POS Terminal

Great news! We now have a POS terminal available for your convenience. Enjoy seamless and secure transactions with our new point-of-sale system. Make your payments effortlessly and efficiently. Thank you for choosing us!

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Pay from Trusted account

Experience peace of mind with secure payments from our trusted sources. Whether you're making a local purchase or an international transaction, rest assured that your money is in safe hands. Our commitment to reliability ensures every payment is seamless and worry-free. Trust us to handle your financial needs with the care and precision they deserve. Your money, your confidence, our priority.

Tuition fees for universities

Pay Tuition Fees: Pay your tuition fees with ease. We'll handle payments for all universities and colleges, so you can focus on your education without any financial worries.

Visa Rejection Guarantee: We've got your back. In the unfortunate event of a visa rejection, we've got a refund waiting for you. Your financial security is our commitment.

Pay in 12 Hours

We guarantee to process your payment within 12 hours, ensuring your funds reach their destination in Iran or Canada promptly and securely.

Refund Garantie

Your peace of mind is our priority. If, by any chance, you encounter an issue with your transaction, we've got you covered with our money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction and security are our utmost concern.